Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We would like to say a big thank you to all the host families for their hospitality and kindness during our stay in Madrid. Our exchange programme is a fantastic opportunity for the children from both countries to share language and culture. Yet again this has been another successful year with many happy memories. The teachers from the UK would also like to thank all the staff in Madrid who welcomed us and made us feel at home in their school. As the years go by the partnership schools have become close friends.

Mrs Tottie took the hint! Strawberries and fresh
orange juice served on his return :-)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Diary: Monday, 26th March 2012

The children had many exciting tales to tell about their weekend. The staff also enjoyed some rest and relaxation, taking the open top bus and a stroll in Retiro Park. The teachers also experienced a cruise on the lake, as can be seen on the blog album Mr Ludlow took on the role of captain, leading from the front!

When the staff arrived at school they were greeted by the news that a child had been to hospital. There was a short moment of panic as Mr Ludlow tried to discover the details, who was it, were they in hospital now? There was a great sense of relief when the victim, Poppy, had been identified and she was safe and well at school. She had been taken to A&E after something she had eaten decided to make a return journey, but she is back to her bubbly self, phew, relief.

The children spent the morning dramatising some traditional English tales and sharing them to the younger children. The Little Red Hen went down well with the boys doing amazing animal impressions. Another group retold she story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It was a nice opportunity for the children to see the younger children in the school. Lunch time passed again with mixed reviews, whilst some of the children had reservations about the food Mr Jones and Mr Ludlow tucked into theirs and had seconds. Lunch finished at 2pm and the team had to wait a whole hour before yet more food was offered. The traditional feast of local dishes, meats and desserts were laid out and a swam of locust devouring children enjoyed the sunny afternoon farewell feast.

A briefing by teachers on key things to remember took place before the last bell. The children all gave their suggestions, like to remember to pack, check they had everything but most importantly to thank their host families for their hospitality. Oh and thank you Jack for reminding Mr Ludlow not to wear what he thought was a trendy t-shirt. Hopefully he will wear something more suitable for his age, shirt, tie and tweed jacket maybe.

We're all very proud of team 2012. They have worked well together and supported one another. There is sure to be some sad faces tomorrow on our departure. Mrs Lobb is ready with her wet wipes for Mr Jones. Oh and if anyone had read about Mrs Lobb's wet whips in previous blog reports the spelling error has been corrected. Negotiations have been settled with Mrs Lobb's lawyers for defamation of character. Adios :-)

Photo album: Monday, 26th March 2012

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Read about some of the activities the children got up to this weekend.

Photo album: Weekend Fun, 24th,25th March 2012

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Diary: Friday, 23rd March 2012

The day started smoothly, well sort of! The staff, whilst having breakfast in a local cafe near school, were too busy chatting and forgot to pay. As they left, the waiter shouting police! police! gave us a clue something was up. Not wanting to be behind bars, MrLudlow paid up. After gathering at school the 2012 team left for a gentle walk to Canal Metro Station to take the train into the city centre. Wow the sun was out, Mrs Lobb, Mrs White and Mr Jones wore t-shirts determined to get the golden brown sun tanned look. Mr Ludlow on the other hand kept his coat on, he was going for the pale sickly look. We arrived near the Opera House and strolled towards the palace. We were greeted by mini mouse, which evoked more interest than the Nero Classical architecture of the grand palace.Seen one palace, seen them all. Mini posed with us all but was particularly taken by Mr Jones who couldn't resist and got down on one knee to propose. We are counselling him after he discovered she was a gold digger, only after his money. There were other street artists in the area, George couldn't resist asking the invisible man to smile. Being sports relief we decided to take part doing an impromptu aerobics routine, the palace guards were not too sure what to make of us. Making our way towards Plaza Mayor some of the girls wanted to display their flamenco dancing skills. After this brief entertainment interlude the team had a chance to shop. Poppy won the challenge of spending nearly all of her money so quick, some interesting gifts! Poppy's dad will have to invite us around to demonstrate the use of his gift! Whilst waiting for the children to empty their purses, the teachers sat and indulged themselves with a coffee. Mr Ludlow, who was suffering from a headache, received some TLC from Mrs Lobb. Those wet wipes and plasters did the trick. The afternoon was spent visiting a neighbouring school to see a theatre production of the Spanish tale Lady Knit Wit. This was their entry in the bilingual schools English speaking drama competition. The journey back to school was like something from the Yorkshire sheepdog trials, whistles and shouts as the children headed back in mass. Another busy day had by all and an exciting weekend ahead.