Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Diary: Wednesday , 21st March 2012

Curtains started to twitch early in the houses around Strensall, something big must be happening, something extraordinary. Road blocks had been set up, but to no avail the Madrid 2012 team had escaped and were heading towards Liverpool. A car was tracking the gang! Who was that? Could it be George's mum missing him already? Or was she on her way to work waving as she sped past in her Ferrari? It was 8.30 am, an hour had passed, what could 13 children do to while away the time? Well George, Jack, Aaron, Ethan and James T had an idea! Eat lunch! Mr Ludlow reluctantly was forced to try some of Dee's fruit cake. Ethan promised it was fine , but Mr Ludlow did need two chunks just to make sure! James H had sensibly decided to save his lunch (haha Mr Ludlow will be sitting next to him at lunch just in case there are left overs). Passing the staff , who were engaged in a group huddle, Mr Ludlow started to cough. Was it the beginning of a terrible illness? He was reassured that Mrs Lobb was their to attend all his medical needs. "I've got got wet wipes and sticking plasters," she announced as Mr Ludlow coughed again. The girls where happily chatting. Maybe they were considering the impact of today's budget on the global economy, or could they be considering weather the price of petrol will be increased? Anneka and Lottie were engrossed in a complex strategic game, considering their next strategic move on the DS Intendo. A group of happy, excited children were on their way to experience a trip of a lifetime.

Wednesday part 2

We arrived at Liverpool , John Lennon airport in good time. Amelia did a great impression of the TV show Airport displaying her talent for speaking in a Liverpool accent or was it Irish? As tradition requires, we did a photo shoot next to the Yellow Submarine sculpture, singing that popular Beatles song 'We all Iive in a Yellow Submarine' (well at least we managed the first line). Checking in was fine except for Megan's bag which had to be taken to the oversized counter. The security guard smiled and made a comment about the contents! Megan assured them that the articles of liquid ( wink , wink) were a gift for the host family. Getting through security was interesting for a few of us! Mrs White looked guilty as she was being scanned and unfortunately for the security guard, Mr Ludlow was requested to take his shoes off! All was going smooth in the departure lounge, until a short panic occurred. As we were meandering towards the Gate a loud call came whistling through the air, "will passengers Lobb and Ludlow please proceed immediately to the Gate 8, the plane is about to depart! " Whoops! Like true Olympians team 2012 legged it! Once on board and the plane was in the air the children settled down to munching through as many sweets as they could. Ethan managed to smuggle Dees Marvellous fruitcake onto the plane. Mysteriously the fruit cake came to a sticky end never to be seen again. We know what happened don't we Ethan? Our little secret! The children were great on the flight, although the group were split up they all enjoyed the experience. In true Easy Jet style the pilot mentioned the school trip, wishing them well. Oh and he also wished Mrs White a happy birthday!!!! I really don't know how he got that one wrong! The plane landed and bags collected. We had a final group huddle, a few words of wisdom from Mr Ludlow who tried to reassure the staff they would be fine. As expected cheers of adulation rang out as team 2012 entered the arrival hall. The staff are looking forward to meeting the children and hearing about their experiences in the morning. But now we need to celebrate Mrs White's birthday!

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