Thursday, March 22, 2012

Diary: Thursday , 22 nd March 2012

The sun appeared over the skies of Madrid, yippee ! Mrs White and Mrs Lobb donned their sunglasses. Was it the appearance of the sunshine or were they hiding the effects of celebrating Mrs Whites birthday? Meanwhile Mr Ludlow wearing his thermal vest and coat lead the staff towards the school. It was good to see the children and hear about their first evening in Spain. Mr Ludlow spotted Amelia and using on all his technical skills mended her mobile phone (found the on button! Lol), now she is in full contact with the world. We all attended the welcome assembly, each of our children being introduced to the school. Julio, the head teacher spoke with excited expression, saying something in Spanish, whilst waving his hands. I think that meant, hello and welcome to our school, Mr Ludlow nodded and smiled politely. The children toured the school and then attended class. Break was at 11.30 am which gave the staff a chance to catch up with the children. In the morning assembly the children seemed very quiet and tired, but by break time they had woken up and were running around with the other children as if back at home. The Yorkie staff visited the kitchen whereby Thomas, the chef, was preparing a little treat for the visitors, freshly squeezed orange, chuiros with chocolate sauce and strawberries dipped in chocolate! Yum !! Mr Ludlow is looking forward to similar treats on his return (Mrs Tottie, hint , hint). Whilst on the subject of food the children survived their first dinner time, although not getting a choice was a bit of a shock to some. The afternoon was spent on a circuit of games activities. The sun was out and all felt good. The children are getting on so well with their Spanish counterparts, and some are doing their bit for international relationships! A few broken hearts may be on the way! Tomorrow we are travelling into the city to see some of the historic sites followed by a spot of shopping. I hope parents are prepared for those much loved gifts that will be whisking their way home! Dust the mantelpiece ready please. Adios.

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