Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Messages From Parents

Hola! please write a message to the children from Madrid visiting York.


  1. Hello. I´m David Carrasco´s father.
    We miss you David but I´m sure it´s being a great experience for our children. Regards and kisses. ¡Hala Madrid!

  2. Hello James and Alvaro,
    It seems you are having a great and busy time. We miss you a lot Alvaro, your brothers are lost without you. Enjoy every minute, we are looking forward having you at home James.
    Many kisses from everybody here.

  3. Hello kids,

    Happy Birthday Lottie!. I hope you have a great day today.

    Maria, we miss you so much. Take a lot of photos to show us everything you have done.

    We are looking forward to seeing you in Madrid. You’ll enjoy it.

    Kisses from Jule and Alejandro.

    Mama y papa

  4. Hello I'm your Aunt Carmen.
    leaf through the blog and I'm very envious, it shows what you are going through very well, unless you want to return to Madrid you say it and we're all going to live in York that seems to be much better. I adore you, kisses

  5. Hello children and teachers,

    Keep on having fun and new experiences, while we, who stay at Madrid in our daily routine, see enviously your lovely pictures. Take a lot of them tomorrow in York.

    Kisses for Alicia and for everybody

    from Alicia's family

  6. Hello Amelia and Verónica!!! For the photos we see that you are spending it to you brilliantly. Be still like that and enjoy very much. Verónica do many photos to have good recollections when you return. I love you.
    Kisses to all.
    Many kisses of your sister Elena, it you misses.

  7. Saludos a todos los niñ@s y profesores.
    Por las fotos y comentarios que se han subido, tiene pinta que lo están pasando muy bien.
    Gracias a todos los profesores y a los padres por proporcionar esta magnifica experiencia a nuestros hijos.
    Espero que todo salga bien.
    Besos y abrazos para todos ( en especial para Lucía )

  8. Hi Fer and company.
    Sure you are not missing us very much with all these activities and excitement (and the eggs-and-bacon breakfasts). But we miss you a lot.
    Enjoy these wonderful days and good luck for you and Cameron with the minitroopers!
    Saludos from your family

  9. Hello kids, teachers and families.

    Please, do not post those nice pictures and stop making comments about how nice it is your stay in York or we will take the next plane to Liverpool to share all that fun with you :-)

    Seriously, kids, we are delighted to see that you are enjoying this experience, making new friends and opening your minds.

    For the teachers, many thanks to take care of our kids. I am not sure they will be able to recognize the efforts you are putting in this adventure, but the fathers we do know.

    For the families, also a big thank you. It is not easy to incorporate a young boy or girl from another country into your daylife. But this is what this experience is about, to share a bit of our culture between us.

    Having said that, Carmen, we love you, we miss you, ..... a bit :-)

    See you soon

    Juan Carlos

  10. hello
    I´m very happy becouse guillermo is happy too,
    I think it´s a great experience for the boys and girl,
    thanks for to make the things easy for the boys
    Best regards

  11. Hello everybody! Today we went to visit York city. We bought lots of souvenirs and visit the monuments of the city.
    Now me English is better than 5 days ago and I even sometimes think in English and speak in English to my friends!!!!

    David :)

  12. Estais todos muy guapos, especialmente, María. pasadlo bien.
    Un beso de Jule, Alejandro y ....Regards To Lottie

  13. Hello everybody,
    Kids, it is clear you are having fun. Please keep on posting messages and photos; it makes us feel a bit closer to you.
    A big thank you for all the families and teachers who are taking care so nicely of our kids.
    Love you Lucía,


  14. Hi everybody (teachers, school's staff, families). We just want to give you thanks for all you're doing with the kids, by the comments they're doing we can see that the time they are spending there is great. Thanks so much.