Wednesday, March 21, 2012

School messages:

Are you busy working hard in lessons? If you have a moment why not post a message to the pupils of Robert Wilkinson who are off on their adventure to Madrid ?


  1. Hello everybody and Happy Birthday Mrs White! I can't believe you had your lunch at 8.30 Jack! Hope you are all having a great time.
    Sarah x

  2. Hi everyone,the city is really big and we went through a tunnel that went under a river.The school is very big and it has about 300 pupils in it.I caint wait to come back and sea all of you and Mr Lees.In addition i miss Tabi.H and jodie.B-H.

    From Anneka.w

    : )

    1. Hallo Mausi,
      great to hear you are having a good time.missing you and can't wait to hear all about it in tuesday!! Have a great weekend.
      Mama xxx

  3. Hello Jack and Megan (and everyone else!)

    We hope you enjoyed your journey. Emma wants to know what is up with Amelia's expressions in the photos! Everyone in 5-O is missing you. We wish we were there with you eating those strawberries and chocolate! Chloe S. asks if anyone has tried those churros that we learned about. We hope you're all having a great time and we look forward to seeing you back at school and finding out what you've been getting up to.

    All of class 5-O!

  4. Hello all from 4E.
    Great to see you all have met your partners and look really happy. Seeing you at school brings back happy memories for me. Say hello to Hoooooolio for me and don't forget to tell Mr Jones to buy lots of presents for his new house with Mrs Jones!
    Have a great time everyone and see you soon.
    Mr Evans

  5. ps
    we are missing Mother Hen badly!!!!

  6. Hi guys,
    Enjoying hearing about all your exciting things and staying with the host families, what an amazing experience and I'm v proud of you all.
    I'm sure mr l, mrs l, mr j and mrs w are having fun and on their best behaviour.
    Enjoy the weekend, hopefully some of you will get the chance to see some football.

    Take care
    Mrs Williamson

  7. Hola everyone!

    Have really enjoyed seeing all the photos and reading about your experiences. I particularly enjoyed the pictures of the Palace and the Retiro Park: '4 teachers in a boat' there could be a TV series in there somewhere! Hope you enjoy your party this afternoon and whatever this evening brings.

    Savour every minute.


    Mrs Leigh